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"All his mates were French." Series I on DVD.

16 September, 2005

Europe seems to be going DVD crazy for Red Dwarf right now. Following on from the Series I release in the Czech Republic, here are the specs for the French release of the same series.

French Series I DVD cover

It's quite a different package. The episodes are, once again, the remastered editions, with English audio and French subtitles. But while there are no commentary tracks, there is a bonus disc packed with pretty much everything from the UK Series I release - Launching Red Dwarf documentary, deleted scenes, 'Drunk' featurette, music cues, etc.

Nain RougeNain Rouge

Interestingly, they've also gone with the raw FX footage - despite these being the remastered editions. (An on-screen caption explains that these shots were created for the original version of the show.)

Nain RougeNain Rouge

So where next? Well, you might just find it's up to you, the readers of The French release comes off the back of both the international success of the DVDs thus-far, and also pressure from French fans who were desperate for subtitled editions to be released in their home country. An online petition was even started!

In other French news, satellite/cable station Cine FX - a channel devoted to SF - have snapped up the rights to show Red Dwarf. There are plans to show the full 52-episode run any moment... now. In fact, Series I is currently running two episodes a night, Friday nights from 8pm. Turn on, tune in, lâchez.

You can discuss your hopes for other international Dwarf releases on the Webboard.

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