Deluxe Doings

Little Things - by Andrew Ellard

22 September, 2006

One of the joys of Beat the Geek has been the detail, integrating Holly into the fabric of the game. Making sure our two stars feel part of the piece.

Deluxe Doings

This kicks off with the main menu, where the two characters sit either side of the screen... waiting. Looking around. Bored. And if you let the menu sit there too long... well, they might just have something to say about that.

During the quiz, whenever you have a music-based question you'll again get Holly on the monitor, listening patiently while you identify the clip. And when you run out of time on a question - which will happen to slow-poke players once the timer is activated in round four - Holly may just have a small barb for you.

These are the details that make Beat the Geek sing.

Deluxe Doings

It comes down to the little things. Another of which is the different look of the two Hollys. Norman's appears clean and unaffected, while Hattie's incarnation has the traditional video effect laid over the top. (Modelled on my personal favourite, the Series III look.) Again, it's just something makes what you're seeing feel part of the show.

Deluxe Digital have also integrated some of their trademark style into the five bonus games which you'll be able to unlock by achieving high-scoring rounds.

We can't say too much about these - part of the joy is in discovering them - but there are varying types set across various of the show's series. It's also fair to say that they've been developed in the same retro style that has worked for the cover art.

Deluxe Doings

Four of the games have an old-school arcade look to them. Though the fifth - the hardest to unlock - features a little bit more of the team's gorgeous 3D CGI.

And that's as much as we can tell you. If you want to know more... you'll just have to play the game. And get a very high score.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: Beat the Geek will be released in the UK on October 23rd, 2006 and is available to pre-order via our Merchandise section. An Australian release is also anticipated in November.

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