Commercial Calendar

The all-new 2008 calendar has something special about it.

21 September, 2007

Following on from last year's awesome Movie Spoof CalendarGlobal Calendars at Infocado have reunited with Grant Naylor Productions to come up with the 2008 Calendar. The theme this time? 'Advertising'.

Commercial Calendar

A dozen brand-new images have been created promoting items from the Red Dwarf universe - everything from Sexual Magnetism and the Holly6000 operating system to Talkie Toaster, AstroCuts, Red Dwarf's on-board curry house and the Kryten 'myVac'.

Commercial CalendarCommercial Calendar

It's a nifty new idea, packed with tiny details and small print to spot as each image sits on your wall for a month, and the calendar is available for pre-order now - just visit the website.

Commercial CalendarCommercial Calendar

That website, by the way, is the Red Dwarf section of Buy the Print, and you should notice the blatantly-obvious 'Prints' option. The guys over there have some nifty plans for Red Dwarf that should really brighten up your walls - prints and canvases.

Now, we've had a few of these made up for the office and they're really cool. The website offers a huge range of choice - various character shots from across all eight series, all those nifty movie spoofs, plus some brand new pop-art images. All made specifically to order.

The prints are, in fact, are giclée prints - it's pronounced 'zee-klay', and it means 'glossiest thing ever' or something - on heavyweight satin-finished paper. These things are thick and lush, not your standard fast-printed floppy poster, and are available plain (dispatched in a mailing tube) or framed (using simple and tasteful silver or black frames).

Commercial Calendar

David Pike at Infocado tells explains, "All of our products are produced in-house enabling us to ensure the highest quality. Our prints and canvases are printed using a Giclée printing process which offers richly saturated colours and superb colour fidelity. The printing process uses water-based pigment inks which are independently rated to last a minimum of 40 years for unframed canvas prints and for more than 75 years in a framed print."

It ain't three million years in stasis, but it's not far off.

However we must confess it's the canvas blocks - textured canvas stretched over a wooden frame, just like proper art - that have really impressed us. We've got two-foot-square canvases of The Hollys Reloaded and Being Arnold Rimmer. And they're smegging gorgeous.

Commercial Calendar

"Our canvas blocks use 340gsm canvas with a protective varnish finish which provides further UV protection and so enhances the anti-fade qualities of the inks as well as providing protection against scuffs and scratches. The canvas is hand-stretched and wrapped on to a 40mm soft-wood frame, stapled on the reverse. The canvas is presented so that the image wraps around the frame."

Solid, textured, and top, top quality - frankly, you could get one of these for every room of the house. (This is also the format to which the pop art images are best suited. Yes, there really is some proper thinking behind all this!)

Expect to be unable to resist the lure of a bit of Dwarf art on every wall of your home. But in the meantime, there's 12 months of gorgeousness available to pre-order right now!

Get Red Dwarf on your walls right now at

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