Just The Cover

Well, and the menu screens, actually - it's Just the Smegs!

12 October, 2007

So, here it is - Just the Smegs, out on November 19th, and this is what it looks like.

Just The Cover

We've added to the cover's 'film strip' a shot of Lister and Kryten on the set of the tenth anniversary Smeg Ups show (included on this DVD for the first time anywhere), and the back cover cover text naturally comes from both Smegs VHS tapes. (Though we have removed the dreadful line 'A smegfest for all Dwarfies'. How did that slip through?!)

The menus are simple statics with the various options. The two main features have skip points but no chapter sub-menus - as you'd expect with this spiritual successor to Just the Shows.

Just The CoverJust The Cover

Because it's the content that matters. The total runtime of all the DVD material is something like two and a half hours - not bad for a recommended retail price of just £15.99. (A price that gets a lot lower as you shop around.)

Just The Cover

Smeg Ups
50 minute special, includes outtakes from Series IV to VI, presented by Kryten

Smeg Outs
50 minute special, includes outtakes from Series I to III, presented by Kryten and Lister.

Smeg Ups: Broadcast Edition
30 minute TV edition, shown on the 10th anniversary, presented by Kryten, Lister and Rimmer.

Series VII Smeg Ups
As seen on the Series VII Xtended VHS.

Series VIII Smeg Ups (Bytes 1 and 2)
As seen on the two Series VIII VHS tapes.

Just The Cover

Order Just the Smegs right now via Merchandise.

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