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BBC Worldwide and present a brand new fan video contest.

19 October, 2007 (Updated 9 November, 2007)

We know you. You always have something to say, always have a strong opinion. If only there was some way you could express the thoughts in your head while simultaneously putting yourself in with a chance of winning some kind of prize...

Would it be redundant to state 'Well, now there is' at this point?

BBC Worldwide have launched a Red Dwarf review competition on their YouTube channel. After bringing you choice clips from your favourite BBC shows - and another batch of great Dwarf clips are available there right now - they've joined with for a very special compo.

Let Robert Llewellyn explain:

So - you are cordially invited to submit a review of any one of your favourite:

  • Episode
  • Series
  • DVD
  • DVD Bonus Feature

YouTube viewers will be able to vote for their favourite, creating a shortlist. Robert will then judge the winner. It's not simple glowing praise that will win the day, though - this should be an honest review - it's all down to creativity. Well-written, well-made or cleverly performed ideas will win the day.

The competition will run from Friday, October 19th to Friday, November 9th, with the public voting ending on November 16th - yes, you get to help decide the shortlist, too, by voting on YouTube! For full details, and terms and conditions, visit the competition homepage.

What? Oh, the prizes. Well, yeah, check this out:

When the team were creating the Remastered episodes of Red Dwarf featured in The Bodysnatcher Collection, one of their jobs was to make the shows 'widescreen'. This required the picture to be cropped at the top and bottom.

To make the job easier, the guys built director Ed Bye the 'Formatascope' - a comedy aid to the daily work of reframing Red Dwarf. Close one eye to see the show the regular way, the other eye to see it in widescreen.

Yes, okay, it's daft. But it had its own special box - 'Made in Titan' - which, although faded now, made the headset even more a part of Dwarf history. A part which will now go to the winner of the review competition.

Review CompetitionReview Competition

Better yet, the winner and one runner-up will both receive copies of The Bodysnatcher Collection and Just the Smegs. Which will make for a very merry Christmas.

The winner will be announced on the BBC Worldwide YouTube homepage on Friday, November 23rd. So get those webcams and camcorders rolling and start uploading!

Update: Vote for your favourite entries by visiting Robert's video and clicking on the video responses. Add any films you like to your YouTube Favourites - and feel free to leave comments or provide feedback with a star rating. Good luck to the entrants - voting ends on November 16th, after which Robert Llewellyn will select the winner.

Visit the competition homepage for full details - and good luck!

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