Calling All Dwarfers

The latest updates from the Red Dwarf mobile service.

9 November, 2007

Have you signed up for Red Dwarf on your Mobile yet? If not, why not?

Calling All Dwarfers

So far four animated mobisodes, specially created for your little phone screens, have been released: 'Red Alert', 'Smeeeeg Heeeead', 'Everybody's Dead, Dave' and 'Peanuts'.

Better yet, amidst the wallpapers and chatwalls there are over 60 newly-created voicetones available. They're performed by Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn in character as Rimmer and Kryten respectively... including the odd alternate personality such as Ace Rimmer, Jake Bullet and the Data Doctor.

But hey, it's one thing to tell you about it. Why not have yourself a listen?

Rimmer Sample - MP3Kryten Sample - MP3

And if you're interested - how could you not be? - here's the full list of each character's voicetones:

Rimmer VoicetonesKryten Voicetones

Loads of good stuff there! They're all available from, including tones created especially to be the voice of your answer message, text or calendar alert.

Expect new character voicetones to be added in the coming months, plus brand new mobisodes each and every week!

Sign up for Red Dwarf on your Mobile.

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