Just The Smegs

The full cock-ups collection arrives on DVD.

16 November, 2007

To some they're outtakes, to others they're bloopers. In Japan they're known as 'NGs' (for 'No Good'). To many they're cock-ups - a phrase which certainly isn't as rude as it sounds (the origins, now lost, may have come from archery, beer, or even pistol-cocking - the common theme seems to be a change of angle).

Just The Smegs

To us, though, they're Smeg Ups.

Red Dwarf: Just the Smegs is out on November 19th. Two-and-a-half hours of content on one low-price DVD, and an absolute treat for Christmas. Here's the content:

Just The SmegsJust The Smegs

Smeg Ups
50 minute special, includes outtakes from Series IV to VI, presented by Kryten.

Smeg Outs
50 minute special, includes outtakes from Series I to III, presented by Kryten and Lister.

Smeg Ups: Broadcast Edition
30 minute TV edition, shown on the 10th anniversary, presented by Kryten, Lister and Rimmer.

Series VII Smeg Ups
As seen on the Series VII Xtended VHS.

Series VIII Smeg Ups
As seen on the two Series VIII VHS tapes.

It's out now. Cackle yourself silly.

Just The Smegs

As with The Bodysnatcher Collection, Just the Smegs has its very own microsite - including a Smeg Ups clip and another exclusive sofa-based interview with Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. To see for yourself, pop over to reddwarfjustthesmegs.com.

You can pick up Just the Smegs now from our Merchandise section.

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