Audio Update

Plans for the Red Dwarf talking books are moving forward. Release date added!

18 April, 2008

As announced previously, Laughing Stock have returned to the Red Dwarf fold with their plans to make the talking books of Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life available.

In case you weren't hanging around Dwarf fandom the first time around, the first two novels by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor were recorded by Chris Barrie, who brought his full vocal talents to making every character come alive.

Eventually this lead to the Radio Show - adaptations of the two books featuring a plethora of nifty sound effects and background noise. (You really haven't experienced the first novel in full until you've listened to a drunken Petersen vomiting his way aboard the mothership.) As you may have guessed, these shows were definitely an influence on the more recent 'lost episodes' that appeared on the Series VII and Bodysnatcher DVDs.

Now it seems that the radio shows are going to be made available via iTunes. Two 'double CDs' of SF-comedy action to download to your computer and MP3 player. We should have definite dates and release information shortly.

Audio Update

And if you're a member of the Red Dwarf mobile service you'll be able to download each chapter direct to your phone, each one as part of your regular subscription. Which is a cracking deal!

Here you can see a sneak peak of the artwork for Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers. A gorgeous-but-simple design that should prove easy to spot as you browse the online store.

The first digital release of the Red Dwarf audio books - it's so tantalisingly close we can almost taste it!

The release date has now been confirmed. Both volumes of the Radio Show will be available to download - worldwide - from iTunes from May 12th.

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