Just The Mobisodes

Listing the full range of mobile phone animated episodes.

23 May, 2008

No, there is no mobisode DVD - what we do have, though, is a complete list of the mobisodes available now on the Red Dwarf mobile service. For those who haven't yet dipped in, these are the scenes available right now - including details of an interesting recent addition.

Just The Mobisodes Just The Mobisodes

Red Alert Lemming Sunday
Everybody's Dead Art College
Peanuts Cat's Purrfect Mate
What Is It? Rimmer's Trial
Smeg Head Shutdown
Wilma Flintstone Skutter Pipe
Toaster Double Rimmer Part 1
Duane Dibbley Double Rimmer Part 2
Lister Plays Guitar Red Christmas Part 1
Lister's Shrinking Pants Red Christmas Part 2
First French Kiss Skutter Fight
Dog's Milk  

For extra bonus points, can you guess the content of each scene from its title?

Just The Mobisodes Just The Mobisodes

Skutter Fight is a surprise because it's based on an extract from Bodysnatcher, the lost episode of Series I. It features Rimmer and, unsurprisingly, the skutters, going at it in animated form. The Red Christmas two-parter is also still available - click here for info on this bit of Doug Naylor original-penned Dwarf - and, really, shouldn't it be Christmas every day?

Just The Mobisodes

Of course, there are also original voicetones by Kryten, Holly and Rimmer to download. We're especially loving the sound of Kryten's Lie mode: Please answer your rhinoceros, it appears to be ringing when we're on the bus.

You can download Red Dwarf content from Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile, or subscribe via the website.

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