Cheap As Guilt Chips

Individual series currently a bargain.

21 November, 2008

The All The Shows boxset may be all you need. If you want your Dwarf quick and easy, not laden down with bonus content, go ahead and put that puppy in your basket.

Cheap As Guilt Chips

On the other hand, if you're someone who wants to partake of the kick-ass documentaries, commentaries, deleted scenes (and much, much, much, much more) then in certain stores now - we're not allowed to name them, but you may find them also selling CDs or possible fruit, veg and other provisions - you'll be able to find every two- or three-disc set at a price of just £7.99.

Just to do the maths on that for you, Series VI, for example, has over nine hours of viewing available on its two discs. That's over 67 minutes for every quid you spend. Oh yes, we know how to work the most basic functions on our calculator. Be impressed.

If you spot a Red Dwarf bargain, let others know in out Forum.

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