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28 November, 2008

In a slow news week where everything exciting in Red Dwarf is going on behind closed doors involving some bloke named Dave(we think they mean Lister), we thought it'd be interesting to mention a few of the authentic as-seen-on-TV Red Dwarf costumes that have recently become available.

First up, long-time friends of the show The Prop Store of London have over 80 props and costumes from the series available, and among the more interesting bits and pieces which have yet to vanish from their displays (gingham dresses! 'High' crew robes from Series V!) a couple of new listings caught our eye.

The first is a Psiren temptress dress, which is interesting for two reasons. One, because you can wear it for your boyfriend this Christmas and lure him with promises of needing a seed spreader (and then, one assumes, attempt to suck his distracted brain out of his skull with a straw); and two, because, okay, you kinda only see the neck of the outfit in the episode.

Costume A-Go-GoCostume A-Go-Go

But for sheer barely-in-the-show-ness you can't beat the Waxworld brochure created for the Series IV episode Meltdown. Which, as our screen-grab proves, did just about make it on-camera... if you squint.

Costume A-Go-GoCostume A-Go-GoCostume A-Go-Go

Over on eBay, though, the gold Krytie TV suit is going begging. Interesting, this one, in that you may recall the news item promoted the UKTVG2 competition in which it was won back in 2006. Two years on and the costume is back... and UKTVG2, having changed its name to Dave, is making new Red Dwarf. There's a peculiar cosmic significance to that. Probably.

Costume A-Go-GoCostume A-Go-Go

Finally, Fan Club chairman James Bull is selling off a few precious items from his own collection - including the rather nifty Rimmer musketeer outfit from Series V's Terrorform. Once again we could suggest certain happy-couple dressing-up games for Christmas, but let's assume you can work this stuff out for yourselves and move on.

Costume A-Go-GoCostume A-Go-Go

Do you own any genuine Red Dwarf props or costumes? Let us know on our Forum.

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