I'm Not With Him

Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge appear in podcast sitcom.

5 November, 2010

In a time where Robert Llewellyn has spun independent silk into TV gold with his self-made series Carpool it's perhaps unsurprising to see more and more programme makers go the indie route. If you want something done, do it yourself.

So it is with I'm Not With Him, a radio sitcom pilot now available free on iTunes which features Red Dwarf's own Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge.

I'm Not With Him

Starring comedians Hils Barker and Tom Price - who you'll know as Andy the copper in Torchwood - the story of two people who share a flat but are definitely, definitely not a couple has been penned by Andrew Ellard, Red Dwarf DVD and Back to Earth's associate producer. He is, for reasons best known to himself, writing this website update in the third person.

I'm Not With Him

Go get yourself 20 minutes of giggles.

I'm Not With Him is available from iTunes or via andrewellard.com.

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