Say Bye To Fridge Movie

Tony Hawks goes autobiographical for Dwarf director Ed.

12 November, 2010

Say Bye To Fridge Movie

Ah, Tony Hawks. The fourth/fifth/sixth Dwarfer (delete as appropriate). He was Caligula, he was the Backwards compere. He hosted Better Than Life, voiced a talking suitcase and a vending machine. But here's his toughest role to date.

Playing himself.

Just out on DVD is Round Ireland with a Fridge, a film that sees Tony recreating the journey he made in 1997. Yes, it was the start of the 'do a whacky thing and write a book about it' trend - and Tony's drunken bet to hitchhike around Ireland with the aforementioned kitchen appliance has now been filmed by Red Dwarf's very own Ed Bye.

The cast includes Ed Byrne, Josie Lawrence, Sean Hughes Sara Crowe and Andy Taylor (who was Series VIII's ship's psychiatric counsellor, Dr Lucas McClaren). Tony adapted the script from his own book, which he'd also previously performed as a live gig. But then, if Guinness had listed you as holder of the world record for "furthest distance hitchhiked with a fridge", you'd tell people about it, too.

Check out the Round Ireland with a Fridge website.

Mr Flibble Talks to... Tony Hawks.

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