What's the Matter (Paddle)?

Amazing show-used gadget available from the Prop Store.

11 March, 2011

Recovered from the Grant Naylor archives and now available for the serious collector, the original, as-used-in-the-show matter paddle - along with a couple of other knockout items - has just been listed on the Prop Store website.

While the prop, as seen in the Series IV episode Meltdown, won't actually transport you across the cosmos and land you on a planet of deranged historical waxdroids, the video on the website shows that the lights are still working - and the whole thing is in fantastic shape since its arrival on-set in 1990.

Here's the blurb:

The device was designed for four passengers, and is shaped in a cross with a large sphere on each arm to allow each access for each person, centred around a circular control port. Each sphere features a yellow light inside which illuminates at the touch of a button hidden beneath, and the control port is simply a round knob that when turned clockwise alters the settings and the ring of red and green coloured lights that appear around it (return anti-clockwise to deactivate). Made from resin painted black, this piece is a great bespoke item that is still fully functioning and featured heavily in one of the most popular Red Dwarf episodes. It is still in a wonderful condition for its age and the time it spent on set, measuring 36cm (14.25") across and 14cm (5.5") tall. Available here.

Click left image to enlarge

What's the Matter (Paddle)?What's the Matter (Paddle)?

And then there's the infamous exposition device, the psi-scan - as seen in Series V, VI and VII:

This completely custom prop features a joystick control, buttons, removable 'RAM' as well as a horde of different lights, and updated for later series to include a view screen added for later episodes. A small button on the joystick controls the lights behind the buttons, a switch top right operates flashing red LEDs on the stick and control panel, and finally a small switch behind the raised screen makes the monitor flicker with static. The left side of the shell is slightly loose from its many escapades with the Red Dwarf crew and some of the paint has scuffed, but this does not detract from the fact this is a fully functioning bespoke piece from the well loved series. Measures 21cm x 25cm (8.25" x 9.75") and is 18cm tall. Available here.

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What's the Matter (Paddle)?What's the Matter (Paddle)?

Also recently discovered is a mummified corpse head from Series V's mind-mending episode, Back to Reality:

Made from foam latex, the pain stricken head would have sat on the top of the deceased's costume with this placed strategically to look as though it flows into the rest of the body, held in place with a metal rod which ran up the centre of the head. It has been coated in a layer of dark paint which has become quite rigid and fragile with some minor cracks around the chin, but is in otherwise good condition and a great featured piece from the episode. Measures approximately 40cm (15.75") tall. Available here.

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What's the Matter (Paddle)?What's the Matter (Paddle)?

Frighten your friends! Frighten your enemies! Frighten the smeg out of everyone!

Around 50 original Red Dwarf props and costumes are available from the Prop Store. The crew's 'high' monk-like costumes from Demons & Angels, a glimmering Holoship crew outfit and even some stunning gingham from Quarantine are currently listed.

Visit the Prop Store website.

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