A Better Prelude

Download the webcomic for your tablet device.

13 May, 2011

Ready for a quick history lesson?

In 2005 reddwarf.co.uk added a little continuity-filling webcomic to its pages. Prelude to Naranchy was a mini-adventure that connected Back to Reality at the end of Series V - the crew headed back to their mothership after an encounter with the despair squid - with the beginning of Series VI, which saw Lister awake 200 years later to find that both Red Dwarf and Holly were long gone. (Handily, the cause of this loss was established in Series VII's Nanarchy.)

A Better Prelude

Well, 2005 was a long time ago. In particular it was before the iPad wandered up and changed the way people viewed comics online. Back then, we had to build a special interface to allow you to read the comic panels from within your browser - imagine!

Well, it's 2011 now, and we thought it was worth re-releasing Prelude to Nanarchy as a simple PDF file - available here. Whether viewing on tablet, laptop or desktop, this is bound to make the tale of despair, nanobots and spaceship theft a lot hassle.

(The story is a nightmare for continuity buffs, of course. Having finally connected elements of Series V, VI and VII, Back to Earth came along and established that the boys did, in fact, return to Red Dwarf at the end of Back to Reality - allowing Cat to smuggle a female squid on board. We'll leave you to worry about this for yourselves.)

Click to read Prelude to Nanarchy.

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