Lloyd Rested As Lister Rises

The cogs start turning towards Red Dwarf X.

3 June, 2011

You can detect a black hole by examining what's happening to the space around it, and you can tell a new series of Red Dwarf is in development by the effect it's having on the shows in its solar system.

Lloyd Rested As Lister Rises

So it is with star (wow, this metaphor just keeps stretching!) Craig Charles. The People is reporting that Craig's Coronation Street character Lloyd Mullaney is going to be "rested" during production at the end of the year and will return to Weatherfield next spring.

The reason? Something about a former lapdancer and a bad break-up. But that's just in-show plot stuff - the behind-the-scenes purpose is that Craig "has been given time off to film" his return as Dave Lister for Red Dwarf X.

Want to know more about the new series? Here's what Doug Naylor revealed at Dimension Jump in April.

When not in space or on the cobbles, Craig continues to DJ, and will be performing at Jersey Live in September on their Hospitality Stage. Fans who caught his late-night mixing at DJ this year will tell you that the man knows how to make a room dance...

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