Kryten is the Best Robot Ever

Like we weren't already pretty comfortable in that knowledge.

26 August, 2011

Kryten is the Best Robot Ever

Garry Pinches may be just one man, but he's one man writing for The Digital Fix, and so we've decided to take his opinion seriously... not least because he's just placed our beloved Kryten at the top of his list of Top Ten TV Robots.

The mechanoid with the overactive guilt chip placed above such televisual soulmates as Futurama's Bender, Star Trek's Data and, erm, Alpha 5 from Power Rangers.

"Imagine C3P0 had grown a pair, but then that pair had shrunk slightly and Kryten is what you're left with," goes the piece. "He's everything you could want from a robot - he'll do your washing, hoover your house with his groin and cook dinner too." The same site had recently included Red Dwarf in their Top Ten Sci-Fi Shows. Yep, this is an editorial bias we can definitely get behind.

Kryten is the Best Robot Ever

Kryten is the Best Robot Ever

It's been a fun week for Red Dwarf robots, in fact. This image appeared online and gave people minutes of fun spotting Where's Wall-E before moving on to track down other of their favourites. (The name-and-search game was being played by members of our Forum almost immediately.) The presence of Kryten and a skutter alongside everything from the Metropolis Maria-bot to the oven from A Grand Day Out is utterly heartwarming.

The picture was created by animator and artist Richard Sargent. Check out his site for more doodled sci-fi fun.

Learn more about Kryten in the Space Corps Database.

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