Audience Tickets Update

December and January filming dates now fully booked.

18 November, 2011

We expected there to be a healthy amount of interest in the free tickets to see Red Dwarf X being recorded at Shepperton in December and January... but even we didn't quite expect this.

Audience Tickets Update

The demand for Red Dwarf tickets at 2pm on Friday 11th November was so overwhelming that in a matter of minutes, ticket supplier Lost in TV's website was... well, overwhelmed. A temporary crash caused by thousands of fans frantically refreshing their browsers meant that Lost in TV had to resort to accepting ticket applications by e-mail instead. The result was that within around one hour of applications opening, all six shooting dates were fully booked.

Successful applicants should receive their tickets by Monday 21st November, and in the meantime Jay Honosutomo of Lost in TV has provided us with the following update on the application process:

Lost in TV would like to thank everyone for their patience over the last week; from the disastrous start we had at 2pm last Friday with the server issues, right through to sitting tight this week to see if their application had been a success - we really appreciate the time and effort people put into applying for tickets.

Once again, we're also very sorry for the server issues at the time of launch - it was far and away the busiest day our website (and office) has ever experienced. We were overwhelmed and the servers just couldn't cope. We've spent the last few days painstakingly collating all the applications made over the website and e-mail, putting them in order and allocating tickets accordingly. It's far from ideal but we'd hope it was the fairest method to employ under the circumstances.

Congratulations to those of you lucky enough to get hold of tickets. It's worth pointing out that - unlike regular television audiences - tickets for this series are not being overbooked. If you have a ticket, then you have a seat. We'd therefore ask that if you have any spares or are unable to attend, please do let us know as soon as you can so we're able to reallocate them to the waiting list. We'll be reallocating returned tickets on a weekly basis, right up until the final recording.

Thanks again everyone - we look forward to seeing you all at Shepperton.

Red Dwarf X will be broadcast on Dave in late 2012.

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