What's In A Name?

Red Dwarf X titles and synopsis revealed.

31 August, 2012

In all the years that reddwarf.co.uk has been going, there's been one fact that's remained almost entirely constant: the titles of every episode of Red Dwarf. It's a list we're sure every Dwarf fan worth their salt could rattle off by heart. Fifty-two titles in all. The shortest consisting of just two letters and a number (Me2). The longest, twenty-one letters in four words (Gunmen of the Apocalypse). A fondness for the word "Back", and also a re-use of the word "Polymorph". A few colons thrown in for good measure, too.

What's In A Name?

In 2009, of course, we added a new, single title to that list - Back to Earth. But now, there's an extra bit of learning to be done, as the ranks have swelled by a further six. As you may already have seen online this week, courtesy of our own Mr Robert Llewellyn, we can now confirm that the six individual episodes of Red Dwarf X are named as follows:

  1. Trojan
  2. Fathers and Suns
  3. Lemons
  4. Entangled
  5. Dear Dave
  6. The Beginning

Titles on their own, of course, don't necessarily give away a lot. But just to get your pulses racing even further, here's the official Series X synopsis, courtesy of UKTV's press department. But if you want to go into the series entirely fresh, look away now!

Space battles, quantum entanglement, and love triangles with snack dispensers, are just some of problems facing the boys from the Dwarf as they return in a brand new series. Red Dwarf X, the 10th series of the legendary sci-fi sitcom, airs exclusively on Dave and Dave HD this October.

Red Dwarf X returns with 6 x 30 min stand alone episodes, recorded in front of a studio audience and reunites the much loved original cast of Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten).

The brand new series, written and directed by Doug Naylor, begins with the Dwarfer's mining ship still creaking though the wastelands of unchartered deep space, but the posse soon stumble upon the mysteriously abandoned SS Trojan. As they inspect the ship Rimmer receives an SOS distress call from an old foe and is suddenly faced with the dilemma of his life.

Red Dwarf X will premiere on Dave on 4th October.

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