Database X-tended

Space Corps guide gets an update.

26 July, 2013

As you all know, the Space Corps Database section of the site's Complete Guide is just a bit of fun - an "in-universe" exploration of as many of the show's most memorable characters, concepts, ships, gadgets and, er, medical oddities as we can manage. With six new (although at what point do we have to stop referring to Series X as "new", do you think?) episodes having been committed to the ages, therefore, we thought it was about time we gave it a nice big update.

Database X-tended

If you head on over to the SDC, then, you'll find new entries filling you in on vital data about (deep breath) Howard Rimmer, Professor Irene E, the Trojan, ERRA, the Annihilators, the Simulant Death Ship, Sim Crawford, Pree, Hogey the Roguey, Dominator Zlurth, the Stirmaster, the Rejuvenation Shower, the Groinal Exploder, the Quantum Rod, the Molecular Destabilizer, and the BEGGs!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there's still plenty of material introduced in Series X that we haven't yet covered - but hopefully, we'll get around to updating those in due course as well. Oh, and we've given a bit of an update to Rimmer and Lister's entries, given the significance of some of the revelations Series X had to offer about their backstories!

Read the new entries - plus all manner of classic series nonsense - in the Space Corps Database.

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