One Year On

Looking back on Red Dwarf X's first anniversary.

4 October, 2013

Doesn't feel like a year, does it? Nevertheless, it's true: 365 days have now passed since Red Dwarf made its triumphant, tenth-series return to Dave with Trojan, which was broadcast at 9pm on Thursday 4th October 2012. This time a year ago, we didn't know what Howard Rimmer or Hogey the Roguey looked like, what a Stirmaster was, or even who Rimmer's real father was.

One Year On

And then Series X began, and Red Dwarf was no longer a 1980s/90s sitcom that had had a one-off anniversary return special, but a present-day sitcom that was back and kicking bottom.

And that wasn't just us saying it, either (hey, we'll admit it, we're a little biased sometimes). Ratings for the revived series were a huge success, with over two million viewers tuning in or timeshift-recording the first episode, and total consolidated figures across the series never dropping below one and a quarter million. And the critics agreed with the viewers: "Raucous," said The Times, while for both the Radio Times and SFX it was "a return to form", and for IGN nothing less than "must-see TV".

While we don't have time drive technology here at GNP HQ (we're working on it), we can nevertheless take you back to relive those days with the Complete Guide to Series X, which tells the story of the series from conception right through to broadcast. And you can track the progress of all our reporting of RDX news as it happened via the below timeline:

15th April 2011 New Series of Red Dwarf Confirmed
9th September 2011 All That Series X Chatter
11th November 2011 Be in the Audience for Red Dwarf X
18th November 2011 Audience Tickets Update
9th December 2011 Red Dwarf X Is Go
16th December 2011 Shooting Starts
23rd December 2011 New Beginnings
6th January 2012 Red Dwarf X Roundup
13th January 2012 More New Photos - And Video, Too!
3rd February 2012 Super Models
27th April 2012 Picture This
4th May 2012 The Music Man
29th June 2012 Red Dwarf X Update
20th July 2012 Red Dwarf X: First Trailer
17th August 2012 Quarters In Full
31st August 2012 What's In A Name?
31st August 2012 Red Dwarf Goes Vindalunar
14th September 2012 Publicity Trail
21st September 2012 Catch Them All
28th September 2012 DVD Details X
4th October 2012 Trojan
5th October 2012 RDX Catchup
12th October 2012 The Verdict
12th October 2012 On The Flipside
19th October 2012 More Ratings News
26th October 2012 Credit Corrections
9th November 2012 Red Dwarf X DVD
23rd November 2012 Rated and Reviewed

You can also get the episodes themselves On Demand from a variety of providers, or download-to-own via iTunes - or even, if you've yet to do so, pick up the DVD or Blu-ray sets, which delve even further behind the scenes with the "We're Smegged" documentary.

Of course, with the tenth series now a year behind us, the question naturally turns to whether or not there's any news about Series XI. Well, we can't say anything just yet, beyond the fact that the situation is much the same as it was at Dimension Jump earlier this year - which is that a series commission is hoped for by everyone involved, but not confirmed just yet. In this huge anniversary year, however (er, we mean the silver anniversary of the show itself, not just the first anniversary of Series X), we very much hope to have more news to bring you before too long...

Stay tuned to every Friday for the latest Red Dwarf news!

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