Back to Back to Reality

Fan club's latest mag now hitting inboxes.

24 October, 2014

Once again, it's time for members of The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club to get all smug about receiving exclusive content that isn't available anywhere else, as the latest issue of Back to Reality - the independently-produced, digital fan club magazine - is now available to subscribers.

Back to Back to Reality

Fans who've had the forethought and downright charismatic brilliance to already be members of the club should already have received an email containing a link to download the latest issue in PDF form. Inside, the fan club team discuss their hopes for a possible future series, look back at White Hole, and review Tony Hawks' film Playing the Moldovans at Tennis. There's also room for fan fiction, reader-submitted poems, and the latest instalment of a fan-created comic strip.

As well as the new issues, the Fan Club have continued updating the online archives of classic fanzines - and over in the members' area you can now get access to scans of select issues of Better Than Life magazine from 2002, 1999 and 1996, as well as the very first ever issue from all the way back in 1990!

Of course, we're not just rubbing all of this in the noses of those of you who don't yet have access to the magazine - because if you're not a member already, you can get your mitts (well, your digital mitts) on it immediately, simply by signing up to join the club yourself. A subscription costs from £14, and lasts until you've received four new issues of Back to Reality (which at current rates, means you'll get between 12 and 24 months of membership). Not only that, but you get a significant discount on Dimension Jump tickets, access to exclusive member content and forums, and even a personalised "Smegmail" email address. Plus, of course, the satisfaction of knowing that you're a true fan.

If this all sounds like the kind of thing you'd be keen on - and why the heck wouldn't it? - then head on over to the TORDFC website to find out more and join up. We've also got a fan club-specific section over in our own Forum if you want to have a chat to team members, because we're nice like that... and so are they!

You can also find out more and read about past DJ conventions in the Fan Club section!

Please note that while Grant Naylor Productions fully support the Official Fan Club and Dimension Jump weekend, they are standalone entities in which we have neither a shareholding or common directors.

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