Late Night Down Under

Episodes showing on Australia's ABC2.

16 January, 2015

The winter seems to be a fertile time for catching Red Dwarf on the box - and while viewers in the UK have recently been able to see episodes airing on Dave, our friends down in the Southern hemisphere are also getting in on the act, with some regular showings on Australia's ABC2 channel.

Late Night Down Under

Their schedule is just about to move on to Series III, with late night showings on weekdays between 10 and 11pm (precise times vary depending on the day) and a repeat in the early hours of the next morning. Here's a list of the next fortnight's worth of showings:

Friday 16th Jan 10.20pm Backwards (repeated 1.40am on Sat 17th)
Monday 19th Jan 10.55pm Marooned (repeated 1.20am on Tue 20th)
Tuesday 20th Jan 10.30pm Polymorph (repeated 1.30am on Wed 21st)
Wednesday 21st Jan 10.30pm Bodyswap (repeated 1.45am on Thur 22nd)
Thursday 22nd Jan 10.25pm Timeslides  
Friday 23rd Jan 10.20pm The Last Day (repeated 1.10am on Sat 24th)
Monday 26th Jan 11.10pm Camille (repeated 1.45am on Tue 27th)
Tuesday 27th Jan 10.30pm DNA (repeated 1.30am on Wed 28th)
Wednesday 28th Jan 10.30pm Justice (repeated 1.45am on Thur 29th)
Thursday 29th Jan 10.35pm White Hole  

What's more, Australia is the latest country in which you can watch Red Dwarf via an online on-demand provider, thanks to their iView service. The availability of episodes depends on what's been recently broadcast, but at the time of publishing, the entirety of Series I and II are available (although they'll gradually start disappearing a day at a time). The service is entirely free to watch, but you have to be based in Australia for it to work.

And no, just turning your PC monitor upside down won't do it. Not that we've tried.

Find out when you can see Red Dwarf near you in our Watch section!

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