Big In Japan

New BTE/RDX boxset released!

30 January, 2015

If you think the wait for new Red Dwarf DVDs in English-speaking territories is bad enough, spare a thought for fans elsewhere in the world who not only have to wait for episodes to be made and then transferred to shiny disc, but who also have to wait for them to be translated and then transferred to shiny disc. Such is the case for the legions of ardent Dwarfers over in Japan, whose patience is about to be rewarded with the imminent release of the Back to Earth and Red Dwarf X boxset.

Big In Japan

As you may recall from when we last reported on this, the episodes have been dubbed by the usual Japanese Red Dwarf actors - that's Masashi Ebara (Rimmer), Kenyu Horiuchi (Lister) and Koichi Yamadera (Cat), with Horishi Iwasaki replacing the late Sukekiyo Kameyama as Kryten. And you can get to know the actors a little better (if you can speak the language) with this behind-the-scenes clip:

The boxset, which features all nine episodes along with deleted scenes and further BTS material, hits Japanese stores on Tuesday 3rd February, and you can find it on Here's a specially-produced trailer for the release:

Find out more about the Japanese boxset at!

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