More Dave Repeats

Classic episodes continuing to show. UPDATED: Series VII schedule now added!

6 February, 2015 (Updated 13 February, 2015)

Ah, remember Winter 2014? Feels like so long ago, doesn't it? But they were golden days, with full series of classic Red Dwarf showing every Saturday afternoon at 3pm on Dave. We're getting misty-eyed just thinking of it. That last batch of repeats ended in mid-December with Series V, so we were assuming that at some point in January they'd resume with Series VI. It turns out we were half right.

More Dave Repeats

Instead, last weekend Dave reprised the schedule, but performed a bit of backwards time-hopping in the process, starting over again with Series III. This means that your next three Saturday afternoons on the channel line up as follows:

Saturday 7th February
15:00 Camille
15:40 DNA
16:20 Justice
17:00 White Hole
17:40 Dimension Jump
18:20 Meltdown
Saturday 14th February
15:00 Holoship
15:40 The Inquisitor
16:20 Terrorform
17:00 Quarantine
17:40 Demons & Angels
18:20 Back to Reality
Saturday 21st February
15:00 Psirens
15:40 Legion
16:20 Gunmen of the Apocalypse
17:00 Emohawk: Polymorph II
17:40 Rimmerworld
18:20 Out of Time

If you're busy in the afternoon, you can catch the episodes in sequence again from midnight each respective night. We like it when schedules line up as neatly as that.

UPDATE (13/02/15): Dave's listings have now confirmed that Series VII will indeed follow on Saturday 28th February - although due to the longer length of the series, there's a slightly earlier start time:

Saturday 28th February
13:40 Tikka to Ride
14:20 Stoke Me A Clipper
15:00 Ouroboros
15:40 Duct Soup
16:20 Blue
17:00 Beyond a Joke
17:40 Epideme
18:20 Nanarchy

The longer run also means there's less room to fit all eight episodes in the later repeat run - so if you tune in at midnight, you'll only get Stoke Me A Clipper onwards.

We'll keep you updated on potential repeats of Series VIII (and, if applicable, the Dave-era episodes) when we have further news!

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