Cloudy With A Chance Of Bobby

Final book in the News From trilogy coming soon.

20 March, 2015

It feels like only recently that we were telling you about Robert Llewellyn's new publishing venture, a new book titled News from Gardenia that was being produced via the online crowdfunding platform Unbound. In fact, it was a little over three years ago - and in that three years, we've seen the release not only of Gardenia, but of a follow-up, News from the Squares. Both books have been critically acclaimed and a big hit both during and after their respective funding campaigns.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Bobby

So perhaps not surprisingly - because who ever likes to stop a series at two? - Robert is now rounding out the News From trilogy with News From The Clouds; and just like the previous two, the final book has also been funded via Unbound. Advance copies are winging their way out to early-adopter backers now, but it's also getting a regular publication run in a couple of months' time.

The series tells the story of nerdy accidental time-traveller Gavin Meckler, who finds himself flung into three different possible versions of the Earth's future - the first is an eco-friendly utopia, while the second is a world run entirely by women. The third book, however, takes an altogether darker tack:

Gavin is faced with a planet that is ravaged by storms, seared by winds and scorched by an unforgiving sun. While the driving force behind the News Trilogy has always been to try and imagine a world where things are better than the present day, it is becoming ever more apparent that our current activities are going to bring about long-term changes for our descendants.

Gavin is not faced with megacities or garden states - more with gouged earth and people living on the edge. But they are living, adapting; they are coping with all the extremes the ravaged planet is throwing at them. When he emerges from the mysterious cloud that shifts him through time, he doesn't land on the ground: he is landed by baffling technology onto a floating city - a cloud city.

The technology of the Cloud people is far more advanced than in either of the other two stories and it becomes clear to Gavin that not only do they understand how he ended up slipping through time, but they also understand how to help him get back home.

Will he finally be able to return to Kingham in 2011? Will the world he left still be there? Will he be able to maintain his marriage to Beth, and continue his work as a mining engineer?

The book is published on 14th May, and will be available from Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle format. Alternatively, if you'd like to get it directly from the publisher, you can still pre-order a first edition or DRM-free eBook copy at Unbound. And if you've yet to catch up on the series so far, both the previous books are also available in paperback. So there's no excuse not to, really!

Find out more about Robert's writing exploits over at his blog!

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