Come Out And Play

Episodes on UKTV's new on-demand service... and Sky, too!

15 May, 2015

If you were looking closely enough, you may have seen this mentioned already - but since it was easy to miss among the rather bigger news contained in the Red Dwarf XI/XII announcement press release, we thought it was worth drawing attention to once again. But we're pleased to announce that Red Dwarf's march into the realm of on-demand video services has continued yet further, with two new platforms upon which you can now find Series X.

Come Out And Play

First and foremost, and likely the most appealing option - given that it's entirely free! - is on the UKTV Play app. Available for iOS, Android and through the web player at, this is the on-demand platform exclusively for UKTV (the umbrella company of Red Dwarf channel Dave) shows. At present, the entirety of Series X can be watched completely for free - without any kind of subscription or purchase required - and episodes from earlier series may also make an appearance as and when they're broadcast on the channel. It's also worth noting, if you never got around to catching it, that the TV version of Robert Llewellyn's Carpool is available to stream as well.

In addition, UKTV have struck a new deal with Sky to get Red Dwarf X included as a "boxset" in the digital satellite broadcaster's subscription package. So if you're a Sky customer, you can now get all six episodes whenever you like either through your set top box, or on the Sky Go mobile app - simply head to the "Comedy" section of the TV boxsets to find it there.

Of course, if neither of those services are your bag, you can still find the episodes on-demand in a number of other ways. The show is currently no longer on Netflix - though we're hoping it'll make a comeback before too long - but you can find it on Amazon Instant Video, as well as being able to buy episodes on Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network and the ever-present iTunes.

Oh, and what if you prefer to see the episodes the old-fashioned way? Well, there are some new Monday night repeats coming up on Dave itself - kicking off with a double-header from Series III ( Backwards and Marooned) at 10.40pm on Monday 1st June, followed by Polymorph and Bodyswap at the same time on Tuesday 2nd. We'll bring you further news of that repeat run and how long it's slated to run for once further schedules become available!

Find out where and when you can catch Red Dwarf in our comprehensive Watch section!

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