Double Dwarf

Back-to-back weeknight showings on Dave!

29 May, 2015

Weeknight evenings can be tough. You've got work the next day, but you don't feel especially ready to go to bed yet. You're flicking through the channels, and there's not much on. But then suddenly, you land on an oasis amid the property renovation programmes, reality shows you're not following, and ITV2 showings of a film you already watched when it was on last night. Because you've switched over to Dave, and Dave is showing Red Dwarf. Every night of the week.

Double Dwarf

Does that sound like an idle fantasy? Maybe. Except it's one that's going to come true as of next week, as our favourite digital channel are starting a new repeat run that, frankly, borders on saturation. Not that it's a kind of saturation we'd ever complain about. Starting on Monday 1st June, you'll be able to see two back-to-back episodes of the show every weeknight at 10.40pm. The run starts with Series III, and will run through episodes sequentially at least up to Series VI.

We say "at least" because the nature of TV schedules means that details are only published of broadcasts up to a fortnight in advance - but based on the information we do have, we can tell you that the following showings are definitely lined up:

Date Episodes
Monday 1st June Backwards  & Marooned
Tuesday 2nd June Polymorph  & Bodyswap
Wednesday 3rd June Timeslides  & The Last Day
Thursday 4th June Camille  & DNA
Friday 5th June Justice  & White Hole
Monday 8th June Dimension Jump  & Meltdown
Tuesday 9th June Holoship  & The Inquisitor
Wednesday 10th June Terrorform  & Quarantine
Thursday 11th June Demons and Angels  & Back to Reality
Friday 12th June Psirens  & Legion

Will the run continue after that second week? We don't know for certain, but we'd be amazed if they decided to leave Series VI after just two episodes. When we have news of any further showings, we'll let you know...

You can always keep up to date with the latest Red Dwarf showings where you are with our Watch guide!

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