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Latest Official Fan Club magazine is out now.

9 October, 2015

It's fair to say that the most exciting thing that could drop into the mailbox of any Red Dwarf fan over these past couple of weeks is a ticket to the Series XI/XII live show recordings. We're not going to pretend otherwise. But at the same time, that's not the only pretty cool Dwarf-related thing you might see arrive: as members of the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club should also this week have been greeted by a new edition of regular mailout Psi-Scan - and with it, the latest issue of the exclusive members-only magazine Back to Reality.

Each issue of Back to Reality features the latest news from the Fan Club, along with a cornucopia of fan-generated content including articles, artwork, fan-fiction, comics, letters and... well, just about anything else they can fit in! This issue is a special Dimension Jump XVIII retrospective, looking back at that fateful May weekend in Nottingham where Doug Naylor showed up and made some kind of announcement or other. There's also a face-off of the pros and cons of Red Dwarf USA, an in-depth exploration of Backwards, and a really quite brilliant photograph of a tennis player looking for all the world like he's advertising our favourite show. No, seriously, you have to see it.

But what if you're not already a member? Have you missed your chance to get hold of the issue? No, of course not! Simply sign up for a TORDFC membership at the bargain price of £14 (which gets you in the club for as long as it takes to receive four issues of the magazine - at the moment they're published twice-yearly, but that's subject to change!) and you'll be given access to the entire archive of Back to Reality so far, as well as an ever-growing archive of scanned classic Better than Life fanzines going back a couple of decades! You'll also get the regular Psi-Scan mailouts, discounts on tickets to events such as Dimension Jump, and access to exclusive community forums. Plus, of course, the chance to meet and chat with fellow like-minded smegheads!

(But no, they can't get you free tickets to the recordings. Sorry.)

To find out more about TORDFC membership, check out the Fan Club section of the site!

Please note that while Grant Naylor Productions fully support the Official Fan Club and Dimension Jump weekend, they are standalone entities in which we have neither a shareholding or common directors.

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