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Late night repeats of Series III and IV! Updated 22.07.16

15 July, 2016 (Updated 22 July, 2016)

As you know, Red Dwarf is in a pretty committed long-term relationship with Dave. But while the eleventh series is in the final stages of preparing to air on the channel in September, we've still got all this classic Dwarf hanging around that could be being put to good use. And as it happens, that's exactly what Dave's sister channel, Gold (Sky 110, Virgin 126, BT/TalkTalk 408), has decided to do.

All Gold

As part of the channel's Gold After Dark programming strand (basically: a constant stream of bona fide classic comedy shows airing after 10pm each night), Red Dwarf Series I and II have already been shown in recent weeks, on a slightly haphazard timing schedule. But starting next week, there's a run of Series III onwards beginning, on the kind of more regular basis you can happily set your watch to:

Monday 18th July 11.20pm Backwards
Tuesday 19th July 11.20pm Marooned
Wednesday 20th July 11.20pm Polymorph
Thursday 21st July 11.20pm Bodyswap
Monday 25th July 11.20pm Timeslides
Tuesday 26th July 11.20pm The Last Day
Wednesday 27th July 11.25pm Camille
Thursday 28th July 11.20pm DNA
Monday 1st August 11.25pm Justice
Tuesday 2nd August 11.25pm White Hole
Wednesday 3rd August 11.20pm Dimension Jump
Thursday 4th August 11.20pm Meltdown

Now, we don't know if the Series IV run is going to see its way through to its conclusion, and then on to Series V, in the weeks that follow - TV schedules, as we've mentioned before, just aren't nailed down that far in advance. But we'd certainly hope and expect, based on the run so far, that it will be the case! So we'll bring you updates on this repeat run as soon as we have them...

Find out where to see Red Dwarf where you are in our Watch section!

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