Red Friday

Stock up on Red Dwarf goodies and gifts for Christmas!

23 November, 2018

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. Let's hope this dimension isn't the one with Mr. Rat...

Yes, it's fast approaching that festive time of year, which means you might want to start to think about what Red Dwarf related things you're going to buy other people for Christmas, what Red Dwarf related things you're going to ask other people to buy you for Christmas, and what Red Dwarf related things you're going to buy for yourself before Christmas just for the heck of it.

So if you're done checking out the Black Friday sales and you've still got some dough to spend on Dwarf goodies, let us give you a handy guide...

To Wear

Red Friday

First up, we've been delighted to bring a new line of Red Dwarf merchandise into the world over the last two years, to accompany Series XI and XII - but we're sorry to inform you that at the end of 2018, the Red Dwarf XI/XII Shop will be closing its doors. So if you want to snap up a t-shirt, hoodie, cap, badge set, tote bag or anything else - you'll want to get in there now!

There's still plenty of time to get your Christmas Sweater ahead of Christmas Jumper Day on 14th December; or you might want to make sure you get your hands on the repro Classic Ace Rimmer shirt. For the first time ever, we made official onscreen replica shirts - London Jets and Mugs Murphy - based on the original artwork (not available at other online stores you might find); and our Starbug, Red Dwarf and Skutter"Owner's Manual" shirts were a roaring success if the crowd at Dimension Jump was anything to go by!

And if you're looking for a stocking filler, then look no further than the Leopard Lager Bottle Opener or our fantastic Metal Pin Badge Set.

Some of the items that were on sale previously are now out of stock and have been removed from the site; if you don't want to miss the boat on what's left, then make sure you get your orders in before Christmas!

To Watch

Red Friday

Of course, as we know, the Red Dwarf I-VIII Blu-ray boxset was unfortunately delayed and so won't be out in time for Christmas. But while you wait for it to be an excellent January pick-me-up instead, it's an excellent time to ensure your Dwarf-on-Disc collection is as up-to-date as it can be beforehand.

Check out our DVD section for a full listing of available boxsets in your region, but of particular note in terms of bargains you can find online at the time of writing are the Series XII DVD and Blu-ray at their lowest ever prices of £6.89 and £9.09 respectively; the Just the Shows boxset, which at £19.99 still offers the lowest price-per-episode of any format available (52 episodes at just over 38p each); and two Blu-ray steelbooks that are very much in a "when they're gone, they're gone" situation, with the Series X set available at £8.49, and Series XI at £32.99.

To Read

Red Friday

All four Red Dwarf novels remain in print - staggeringly so, nearly twenty years after the first was published - and if you somehow don't have them yet then... well, we're baffled, frankly. But even if you do, books always make a good Christmas present, and you're bound to know somebody who hasn't read them yet. The Omnibus of the first two books is a value-tastic £11.57, while you can pick up Last Human and Backwards for £13.99 and £15.99 respectively.

If you want some Robert Llewellyn action, meanwhile, then his Man in the Rubber Mask autobiography covers his time on Red Dwarf up to and including Series X; while the recently-published Some Old Bloke is, as we've reported only recently, both available now from Unbound and a flipping excellent read.

And don't forget that Rob Grant has got a new book out this year, too: The Quanderhorn Xperimentations, co-written with Andrew Marshall, is a hugely enjoyable slice of time-bendy alt-history fun.

To Download

Red Friday

What if you're trying to buy Christmas presents for someone who's a declutterer? As much as it might be nice to have a shiny set of Red Dwarf boxsets on the shelves, some people are shunning physical media these days. To those people, we say: ah, but what about iTunes?

Of course, you all know you can download the episodes from Apple's online store (playable on desktop Macs and PCs as well as iPhones, iPads and iPods) - but did you know that you can actually gift them to people on there as well? Simply select the episode (or episodes) you want to drop into someone's digital life, and click the unsurprisingly-labelled "Gift" option. Boom.

We should stress that Red Dwarf is available from several other digital download and streaming outlets as well - check our Watch page for a full guide - but as far as we know, iTunes is the only one that lets you send the episodes to other people. Yet, anyway.

Whatever you gift or are gifted, we hope your festive season is a happy (and, of course, Dwarfy) one!

Check out everything Red Dwarf that's available to buy by clicking through to our Merch index!

All prices correct at time of going to press. The Official Red Dwarf Website is not affiliated with third-party stores linked from this site and is not responsible for their content or service. The Official Red Dwarf Shop is operated by Sandbag, and all queries relating to orders should be directed to them. Find out more on their Help page!

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