DJXXI? 2020

The Fan Club convention sets a date.

1 February, 2019

The natural response after a Dimension Jump convention like the epic thirtieth anniversary celebration in 2018 is to think that it can't possibly ever get any better. But a better response is to ask: why the smeg can't it?

DJXXI? 2020

So, without the slightest hint of resting on their laurels, the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club have already begun feverishly working away making plans for the next event. And what's more, they've announced this morning that it's already got a date!

The convention will take place on the weekend of 29th-31st May 2020 - and yes, you may have already clocked that that's next year, not this year; but we think, given how the last couple of events have gone, the Club can be forgiven for going back to their usual, much-needed, two-year break between shows! (And indeed, it's not even really a two-year gap - with the last one having fallen in October, it's more like eighteen months)

Once again, the venue will be the Crowne Plaza Nottingham - a detail that will be no surprise to anyone that's attended any of the events since 2015, as the hotel has proven an absolutely exemplary host over the last few years, offering terrific facilities and a great welcome to fans.

So with all that in mind, you'll surely be champing at the bit to get your tickets - but how and when can you do that? Well, it'll all kick off at midnight on Friday 1st March - when tickets will be made available via (and only via) the official Dimension Jump website. It's £95 for a weekend pass if you're a member of the fan club already, and £115 if you're not (but if you're not a member and you're smart, you'll have figured out that by joining the club now for £15, you can save a cool fiver overall!). There are no single-day passes available for the convention - it's all or nothing!

We'd advise you to move quickly on tickets - DJ sells out unbelievably quickly these days, sometimes even before any guests have been announced! But please don't also rush to book your hotel rooms - the Crowne Plaza's systems aren't ready for such far-in-advance bookings yet. Instructions on how to book will go out to pass holders in plenty of time!

Precise details on what exactly will be on offer in the way of guests and entertainment will of course follow between now and then - keep your eyes on the event's website and Twitter, as well as on here - but your registration fee gets you the following:

  • A pass for all three days of the event.
  • Entry to all the guest Q&As.
  • Entry to the Friday night quiz and entertainment.
  • Entry to Saturday night entertainment and disco.
  • Entry into the Costume Competition.
  • Entry to Sunday afternoon entertainment - Past events have included: Three Million and Fifteen To One, The Ace, Goitless, Smeg or No Smeg and Smeggheads audience participation competitions.
  • Access to the merchandise room.
  • ONE autograph on a personal item from each of the guests.
  • Personal photos with the guests (during the autograph sessions, subject to time restrictions).
  • An exclusive souvenir booklet suitable for collecting autographs from the guests.

As ever, it's surely going to be the weekend of the - or any - year for any self-respecting Red Dwarf fan. How can you possibly want to miss out?

Find out more and read our detailed reports on past conventions in the Fan Club section!

While Grant Naylor Productions fully supports the Dimension Jump convention, please note that it is not a GNP event, and is organised and run by the official Fan Club, an independent organisation. Guest appearances may change subject to availability and unforeseen circumstances.

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