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3 May, 2019

The internet moves fast these days - and keeping up with all the chatter about any subject, Red Dwarf included, can be a full-time job. With even more of a recent growth in Dwarf-related discussion across our social channels lately, from in-jokes to topical references to fan creativity, we've decided to start bringing you an occasional round-up of the best things we've seen online lately.

We start with some quite phenomenal work on Twitter, as user @emzlina brought Red Dwarf into the popular "celebrities as things" meme in quite spectacular fashion. We've had Rimmer as lamp shades:

Kryten as washing machines:

Lister as lager:

And Cat as... well, as cats:

Outstanding work. Meanwhile, the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club got in on the act by bringing us the Cat as a series of sofas:

A number of news stories and cultural touchpoints lately have got people thinking of Red Dwarf. There was the purported plan by Pepsi to light up the night sky with an advertisement, something that seemed familiar to lots of folk who've read the Red Dwarf novels:

And the same went for a report by the New Scientist on the existence of white holes:

A number of Dwarfers reckon they've figured out the identity of "H" on the BBC's hit drama Line of Duty:

... but is Kryten worthy of a place on AC-12?

And Red Dwarf showed up as the answer to a question on The Chase earlier this week:

Going further back into the history of pop culture references, there was some nostalgia among Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans and cast members about the time Red Dwarf, along with Doctor Who, got namechecked on the classic US series.

Of course, the reference to the show not being out on DVD no longer holds true!

And one eagle-eyed reader, flicking through the pages of an Incredible Hulk comic by writer Peter David and artist Mike McKone, recognised a familiar face:

We enjoyed being reminded this week of the time Red Dwarf X was featured in Doctor Who Magazine, and the novel approach taken to responding to a reader who complained about the coverage:

Our heartiest congratulations are due to Richard Naylor, whose short film The Beach House has won Best UK Short Film at the London Independent Film Festival!

And you can see Richard's latest short, Get Out Alive, which was produced for the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Challenge, right here:

"No, I don't want to go for a pint with Hitler!" These were the words of Craig Charles, taking part recently in the Metro's Sixty Seconds interview feature. Anyone who recalls Series XI might have a good idea of why the subject came up...

On to some fan creativity, and we're enjoying these lovely calligraphy renderings of classic Arnold Rimmer quotes by Ann Peek:

Over on @RedDwarfHQ we asked who had the best Red Dwarf tattoo - and our followers didn't disappoint. Click through to see some of the best replies!

And finally, we are absolutely in awe of this Starbug replica - so much so that we had to check that someone hadn't just nicked the real one...

That's about it for this latest roundup, but if you see anything cool and Red Dwarf-related online, send it our way at @RedDwarfHQ - and don't forget to follow us on there for daily Red Dwarf links, trivia, classic quotes, pictures, features and more!

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