Get Signed, Suckers

Incredibly rare chance for a Queeg autograph!

17 May, 2019

We've met some pretty hardcore Red Dwarf autograph hunters in our time. There are those who've got every single book, DVD and merch item signed by the main cast. There are those who've spent decades tracking down every guest cast member right down to the fifth Canary from the right. There are even those who've got autograph tattoos.

Get Signed, Suckers

But we bet all, or almost all, of them have got at least one major signature missing from their collection: that of Charles Augins, the actor, dancer and choreographer who worked on Series II's "Tongue Tied" and Series VIII's "Blue Midget Dance" sequences, and who of course most famously played one of the show's most memorable guest roles ever, as the titular Queeg.

The thing is, Charles doesn't tend to do public appearances all that often. He's certainly not usually to be found on the same convention circuit as most of the actors who've appeared in Red Dwarf. So adding his scribble to your collection has always been a bit of a tricky ask. Until now.

The organisers of EM-Con, the ever-growing slate of excellent East Midlands-based comics and sci-fi conventions, have managed to wangle a very special private signing session with Charles. Unfortunately, this session isn't open to fans - so you can't get along to meet him - but if you want a signed photograph, then you can order one in advance, which will then be sent out to you after the session takes place (currently scheduled for August).

To book your spot, head over to the EM-Con website - autographs cost £35, plus postage and printing - and numbers are extremely limited, so get in there fast!

In the meantime, if you're hoping to track down some other Dwarf cast members this year, here's a reminder of where several of them are hanging out in the second half of 2019:

1/2 June Film & Comic-Con Birmingham, NEC Ryan Gage (Hitler)
Robert Nairne (GELF Chief)
10/11 August Film & Comic-Con Sheffield, Flydsa Arena Angela Bruce (Deb Lister)
17/18 August Film & Comic-Con Glasgow, Braehead Arena Ryan Gage
Robert Nairne
14/15 Sept Film & Comic-Con Exeter, Westpoint Arena Ryan Gage
28/29 Sept Nor-Con, Norfolk Showground Arena Chris Barrie
Hattie Hayridge
6 Oct EM-Con Derby, Derby Arena Norman Lovett

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