Web Dwarf II

Some more of the best Dwarfy finds on social media!

21 June, 2019

Once again, we've been out and about across Twitter, Facebook and the wider web to find some of the most interesting, creative and amusing Red Dwarf-related bits that you've had to offer over the last month or so. Here are some of the best things we've seen - and if you have something Dwarf-relevant that you want to show us, get in touch via @RedDwarfHQ or over on our Facebook page...

First off, and we couldn't let this curious tweeted video from Danny John-Jules go unnoticed...

What are the gang doing having a stroll in the rain? We could tell you, but they'd have to tell us first... guess you'll just have to keep watching social to find out more!

It's not the only time some of the Boys from the Dwarf have got together lately, either. At Robert Llewellyn's recent and hugely successful Fully Charged Live event, there was a guest DJ set from Craig Charles. And Danny couldn't help himself from popping along, too:

Have you retuned your Freeview recently? If not, you may not be aware that Dave has moved channel numbers - but helpfully, there's a special advert to remind you, featuring a newly-filmed guest appearance from a certain bulbous green spaceship...

Watch out, too, for that man Danny John-Jules (again!) in an upcoming promo for fellow UKTV channel Drama:

We're a little bit concerned, meanwhile, about the wellbeing of Doug Naylor given his encounter with a certain less-than-friendly species of droids at the Fairford Literary Festival:

It's always nice to take a trip back in time, and here's a fantastic photo of a Series VI-era Kryten being bothered by a bobby on the streets of London, which Andrew Ellard later identified as being from promotion for the Smeg Outs video in 1995:

Time for some fan art, and a blurry vision of the crew by @apogeesus:

Two great takes from the same artist, @AlejandroKayArt, on Kryten:

... and the Cat:

(We'd love to see Rimmer and Lister next, Alejandro!)

We always like to see good cosplay, and here's a cracking version of Lister's jacket by @LimboPeak:

From @ganymedetitan, a thorough examination of how Holly was turned from a voiceover into an on-screen presence in Series I:

Getting a Tension Sheet as a wedding present is one thing. But getting the Esperanto version, well, that's next level stuff:

We all remember Carbug, but who knew that painting a Smart Car red would give such an apt naming opportunity...?

The thought of this makes us feel a little bit ill, but we might have to place an order to get a few sticks of Vindaloo Rock onto the Red Dwarf set:

And finally, as @David_Flett has discovered, yes, this really is an actual place:

It's in Anglesey, if you didn't know. And all of a sudden we're wondering why there's never been a convention held there...

Don't forget that over on @RedDwarfHQ and Facebook, we're sharing regular Red Dwarf-related articles, trivia, quotes and anything else fun we can think of - and if you've made or found something cool that you'd like to see in a future roundup, tag us in!

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