Stellar Rescue

Red Dwarf teams up with the AA for new ad campaign!

12 July, 2019

Red Dwarf has made a surprising return to television this month - and as well as being a sudden landing, it was in a quite unexpected form. A brand new advertising campaign for the motoring organisation the AA has begun with a special, minute-long mini Red Dwarf episode titled Stellar Rescue, which can be seen now in an ad break near you.

In the short, the crew find themselves in a fix when Starbug breaks down on a desolate, storm-ridden planetoid - but help is at hand when Lister's use of the AA's breakdown app sees them rescued by a friendly mechanic. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it right here:

Stellar Rescue was filmed using sets and costumes from Series XI and XII, with some of the show's regular production crew working alongside creative agency Adam & Eve DDB helping to add authenticity. You can catch a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes process with this video that the AA have also released, featuring the crew of Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules, along with Red Dwarf co-creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and the ad's director Declan Lowney:

"The original script from Adam and Eve was Red Dwarf had broken down on a planet and the AA comes to the rescue," explains Doug. "This didn't really work for our Red Dwarf world though, as the ship was built in space and stays in space. It doesn't really land or break down because it has a ramscoop jet engine which harnesses hydrogen in space and converts it to fuel.

"I thought Starbug would be a much better setting for the ad. It could break down and it's more like a car in many regards. Adam and Eve were very receptive right from the start and I was brought onboard. I also hoped UKTV would be willing to lend the sets, which they were - thank you so much UKTV - and so it began.

Stellar Rescue

"Richard (Naylor) and I took the initial idea - Lister has an app, the guys don't know what they're doing and the AA comes to the rescue - and we developed it, with some great insights from Jon and Alex at Adam and Eve. Declan, the director, was fantastic - I sat by his side throughout the shoot, he let me see the rough cut and give edit notes which he was kind enough to take onboard.

"It was great to be working with the guys again!"

We've been delighted to see a positive and excited reaction to the spot on fansites and social media, with just a selection of the comments including:

And what's more, here's an exclusive bit of extra content from Doug - an alternative ending that was written for the ad, but which didn't make it in for length reasons:


The ship accelerates off as the AA Woman stands by her van.
Rimmer LANDS IN A HEAP next to her.

Want a lift?

I'm making my own arrangements, thank you. (surreptitiously into phone) One!


Keep your eyes and ears out across UK TV - and radio, as there are also bespoke ads playing on the airwaves - in the coming weeks and months to catch the Dwarfers in their latest adventure!

Find out more about the "Future of Breakdown" at the AA website!

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