Japan's Bumper Blu Box

New Series I-VIII set out shortly!

26 July, 2019

It's a busy old time if you're a Red Dwarf fan in Japan, as the region is becoming the first to receive an international edition of the newly-upscaled Red Dwarf I-VIII Blu-ray editions!

Hot on the heels of the Series XI and XII sets that came out earlier this month, the Red Dwarf Series I-VIII Complete Edition contains the brand new editions of the first eight series, in all of their new-to-HD glory. While the visuals may have been updated, the dubbing that was originally recorded starring Masashi Ebara (Rimmer), Kenyu Horiuchi (Lister), Koichi Yamadera (Cat) and Sukekiyo Kameyama (Kryten) remains in place.

The set is a particularly big deal for Japan, due to the fact that the versions of the show that were originally broadcast on the NHK network were edited down, with several scenes missing - but the episodes included here on this set will be in their full, complete form. What's more, a special bonus disc will see the release - again, for the first time in Japan - of the Xtended episodes from Series VII and VIII. In all these cases, however, any scenes that weren't dubbed for the previous releases won't be dubbed here - no new voice material has been recorded.

The set is also another opportunity for Japanese audiences to get the Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs compilations, which are included as two further DVDs - making for an eleven-disc set in all. And what's more, it's all wrapped up in a lovely special edition box, with exclusive art on the packaging and discs - which means that those of you who like to get all completist about your Red Dwarf editions, well, you've got another one to add to the pile...

The box set is released in Japan next Friday August 2nd - so if you haven't already popped over to Amazon.JP with a pre-order, now might be the time! And for those of you who wonder why Japan gets all this cool stuff and where your own international editions are, well, hopefully we'll be able to bring you news as soon as there's any movement on that front...

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