DJXXI Gets Logoed Up

Competition-winning entries picked!

16 August, 2019

If the turn in weather that's seemingly signalled the end of summer before August is even over has got you down, then we've got a fact that might brighten you up a bit: it's now closer to the next Dimension Jump convention than it is away from the previous one!

So with just a scant nine months until the event, which takes place in Nottingham on 29th-31st May, it's about time it got a logo, right? Right. You may recall that the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club recently held a competition for fans to design said logo - which will adorn the convention's banners, merchandise, programmes, website, videos, social media and a lot more besides - and we're pleased to now share the results with you.

Over to El Presidente himself, James Bull, for a bit more explanation:

"It's that time of year again! The time where we deliberate, ponder and think really hard, about the next DJ Logo. The previous logo was created, designed and brought to life by Danny Stephenson. Thanks Dan! This time we opened up to the fans. We look for more than bold stark lines out of the Rimmer art studio, we want something that stands out for our advertising. Yes. Our advertising face. Usually we have one outright winner instantly. But not this time! We had so many this competition, that it took the course of 3 days of voting, arguing and punching out one another to get to the final splendid artwork. Which in all its forms, will be used on internet media, mugs, tee shirts, everything you can think of, and even the back of Kryten's head if we do stickers!"

Before we get on to the winner, a quick word to the two chosen runners-up, which came very close to taking the prize. First up, in third place, comes this excellent piece of pixel art by Lenny Wood:

DJXXI Gets Logoed Up

And in second place, the pick of a number of entries that took Series XII's gorgeous M-Corp branding as their theme, was this one from Chris Williams:

DJXXI Gets Logoed Up

But the winner, and the piece that will be the public face of next year's convention, is this fantastic concept from Anne Billaut:

DJXXI Gets Logoed Up

Quite unlike any of the previous conventions' designs, this smart logo evokes the feeling of the show - and specifically, the lyrics to the theme tune! - without relying on reworking existing in-universe art from the series. It's clever, effective, simple and striking - and it'll look great on the merch! Our heartiest congratulations to Anne, we can't wait to see it in printed form.

The SOLD OUT Dimension Jump XXI takes place next May - find out more at the Fan Club website!

Please note that while Grant Naylor Productions fully support the Official Fan Club and Dimension Jump weekend, they are standalone entities in which we have neither a shareholding nor common directors. Nor is there any form of legal partnership. Enquires can be directed to the club at

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