Web Dwarf III

Our latest spin through Red Dwarf's online universe...

30 August, 2019

Once again, we're casting our eyes over the best Red Dwarf-related things we've found on social media and elsewhere online over recent weeks and months - and this time around, it's a video special, as we're including a bunch of things we've enjoyed on YouTube lately.

First off, we have to start with our All-Time Best Lucky Find We Ever Found In The Whole Of Today - as some kind soul has dug up an absolutely spectacular hour-long special aired on US television in the 1990s. Smegheads in Seattle was produced for the PBS station KCTS, and features Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules taking questions live in the studio, interspersed with convention footage, interviews, mini-features, and more besides. It's a fascinating time capsule of Red Dwarf's relationship with its transatlantic, public television fanbase:

Another trip back in time can be found here, with a selection of BBC2 continuity from during the broadcast of Series V - including announcements into the episode as well as assorted BBC trailers and some Red Dwarf related promotion:

Over on Twitter, meanwhile, the Red Dwarf Fan Club have been getting in a memey kind of spirit lately - and this one, encouraging fans to provide their own auto-generated responses to Holly's distress message, yielded a lot of fun in the replies (click through to read the thread):

Whenever there's new Star Wars, there's a likelihood of getting a Red Dwarf reference in there somewhere too (remember Rouge One?) And so it proved with the new trailer for the next film, The Rise of Skywalker:

Back over on YouTube, and here's a reimagining of Stellar Rescue, the recent AA advert, as an opening title sequence for a series - worth it for the cute "AA" version of the logo at the end!

There are a lot of covers of the show's theme tune out there, but this one caught our eye due to being performed (a) by one person playing along with himself and (b) on a treadmill. And the sax solo made us think of the opening scene of Gunmen of the Apocalypse:

Some nice photographic glimpses into the past being shared on Twitter lately - firstly, here's Danny John Jules' That's Showbiz with a great pic of the gang promoting Danny's Tongue Tied video in 1993:

And some lovely shots of the Starbug landing bay being built and filmed, back in the day. Who doesn't love a model shoot?

This is an older tweet, but the news this week of a new Demon Headmaster series coming to British TV screens had us recalling Danny's performance in the original run - what price Eddy Hair makes a comeback?

Over in Fan Creativity Corner, and a collection of creative odds and sods here - any chance of getting those custom boots in a size 10...?

In a previous roundup, we saw some great character pieces from artist Alejandro Kay, and expressed the hope that he'd get around to doing Lister and Rimmer. Well...

Tumblr is also a fertile ground for fan artwork, here are a few favourite pieces that we've dug up:


A couple of fans here with far more time on their hands than we'd ever find ourselves with - firstly, someone who's built their own Holly Hop Drive:

And secondly, a quite remarkable Red Dwarf ship built in the game Minecraft - with a fully functioning interior, including Starbug landing bay!

And finally for this outing... we're not sure about this recent social media phenomenon of likening Red Dwarf characters to politicians, but, well, we'll leave these for you to chew on...

That's all for now, but we're still keeping an eye out for anything fun and creative and Dwarf-related on social, so make sure you hashtag #RedDwarf anything you post, and you might well see it in Web Dwarf IV...

And don't forget to keep up with @RedDwarfHQ on Twitter and our Facebook page for a daily dose of trivia, quotes, photos, features and more!

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