Bargain Blus

Get all of Red Dwarf in HD for less than ever!

27 September, 2019

Who doesn't love a good deal, especially when it involves Red Dwarf on disc? Well, browsing a certain online shopping outlet the other day, we noticed that you can currently get the Complete Red Dwarf Series I-VIII Blu-ray boxset for the lowest price we've seen since it was released at the start of the year!

Bargain Blus

The online outlet? Amazon. The price? Why, just twenty-three of your pounds and forty shiny pence. That's a whopping 41% saving on the set's original £39.99 price - so if you haven't snapped it up yet, or even if you're looking to do a nice and early bit of Christmas shopping, then you'll want to get in there now.

For those who've asked, we don't know if the stock you'll get from Amazon will have had the original errata discs replaced with their updated versions - but of course, if you buy the set and you do find that some of your episodes have the interlacing problem, you can still quickly and easily get replacements from the BBC!

Of course, while Series I-VIII in HD in one package for under £25 is a great bargain - but it's not the whole story. In fact, it's only 71.2329% of the story. Fortunately, completing your collection with the remaining 28.7671% is also possible to do at bargain prices.

You can currently get Series XII on Blu-ray for £12.99, Series XI for £10.29, Series X for £9.99 and Back to Earth for a value-tastic £8.89. In total, that's 73 HD episodes of Red Dwarf for £65.56 - coming out at well under a quid per episode. And that's to say nothing of the fact that the Series I-VIII set features every single bonus extra that was released on the original DVDs!

And if you're still not into the whole Blu-ray thing, then the standard-definition sets are an even cheaper way to stack up an entire collection of the show. With Just the Shows at £22.99, XII at £8.19, XI at £7.99, and X and Back to Earth at £6.99 each, that's every episode in your pocket for £53.15 - or 72p per episode.

Who says physical media's dead?

Browse all the available Red Dwarf disc releases in our database!

All prices correct at the time of writing. Grant Naylor Productions is not affiliated with the stores linked to in this article and no commission is paid on purchases via these links.

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