Web Dwarf IV

Another trip through Red Dwarf's online universe.

8 November, 2019

It's that time again, where we cast our net out over social media and the wider web to find what people have been saying, doing and making about Red Dwarf in the past few weeks.

Web Dwarf IV

And to be honest, this week, the most exciting thing has come from us, because if you somehow didn't already know, shooting on the upcoming feature length special began on Monday:

And we celebrated by publishing an exclusive first-look behind-the-scenes teasery snap of said filming underway:

Unfortunately somebody put a clapperboard in the way of what we were trying to show, but you can't have everything.

The show's most budding amateur photographers Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn have also been at it:

And a little peek from returning graphic designer Matthew Clark reveals that a trusty font is still very much a part of the set:

Has the news of the new special sparked a fresh wave of excited Red Dwarf fan creativity? You bet. Check out this excellent video on YouTube by animators NKT Design, who have rendered some rather lovely shots of Red Dwarf and Starbug:

The visual effects department at the University of Bolton have also been doing some Dwarf-inspired work - combining CGI with their own model of the ship to boot! Remarkable stuff, and we find ourselves wondering why we never got to do this kind of thing at school:

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Here it is! Something for you to watch while on your launch hour. An initial video of the Red Dwarf model that we filmed on green screen and composited into our CG environment (both 3D & 2D assets). As this shot involved both CGI & live action footage, it meant that we had to planet out to ensure that there would be a successful outcome to the project. We Apollo-gise as we know this shot is not perfect yet. Some tweaks need to be made to the final comp and grade, but we thought we would just ship where it is at so far so people can check out the progress! We're over the moon with what we have managed to achieve in the limited time we had to do this! Check out our site (LINK IN PROFILE) and follow us for more VFX updates and course life as well be posting a breakdown of this project soon! @boltonuni #vfx #visualeffects #cg #cgi #film #tv #animation #postproduction #3D #2D #digitalart #compositing #maya #photoshop #zbrush #3Dart #render #rendering3d #universe #space #scifi #sciencefiction #reddwarf #career #course #university #uobvfx #universityofbolton #artstation #cgsociety

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Meanwhile, Rachael Stott is a rising star in comics, currently working for both Marvel and DC as well as having drawn some Doctor Who tie-in issues. And she's also something of a Red Dwarf fan, as this recent and impressively elaborate sequence of Starbug-bound panels shows:

We could be off the mark here, but we think - think - Rachael might be particularly quite a big fan of a certain large-nostriled hologram:

Something of a Red Dwarf homage in this intriguing new indie game, which features a group of bots who are all fans of a TV soap called Androids, shooting a final episode after it gets cancelled:

And some absolutely adorable hand-crafted dolls of the gang from Kate Haines:

They get everywhere, those Skutters:

Here's Mac McDonald harking back to his history in the horror genre (in the 1990 cult classic Nightbreed) appearing in a new sharp and scary short film titled Boris in the Forest:

If you're at the Lord Mayor's Show in London tomorrow (9 November) you might get to see a... Starbug? Send us photos if you do!

With Halloween just gone, meanwhile, here are a couple of inventive pieces of costuming we saw posted:

Some sad news to report, as noted by Doug on Twitter, the passing away of props master Tim Youngman:

Amid a stellar TV career that took in the likes of Harry Enfield, The Vicar of Dibley, Mr Bean, Father Ted, Big Train, Black Books, Phoenix Nights, Saxondale and Gavin & Stacey, Tim was props master on Series VII and VIII of Red Dwarf. Our condolences go out to Tim's family and friends.

Elsewhere, some nice bits of nostalgia, first from Danny, whose live show I've Gotta Be Me last week took him past a familiar haunt from Red Dwarf's earliest days:

And a behind-the-scenes snap from Alina Jenkins, now better known as a BBC weather presenter, but in a past life (and under the name Alina Proctor) you might recall as playing Jane Bennet in Beyond a Joke:

And finally, are you a really big Red Dwarf fan? Do you also happen to be good with graphic design, video/audio editing, camera operation, sound mixing and the like? If so, you might be just what the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club are looking for, as a rare opportunity has come up to join the team as an art/media supremo:

Move quickly, as we suspect the chance to join the team as the Year of the Special approaches will be a popular one...

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