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Where to find Red Dwarf on disc this Christmas - wherever you are!

6 December, 2019

It's that time of year again - with Christmas hurtling towards us at a rate of knots, we find ourselves taking stock of exactly what Red Dwarf-related options there are out there for you to buy your nearest and dearest if they somehow still don't have full collections.

And although the Red Dwarf XI/XII merchandise shop closed earlier in the year, there's still an awful lot of Dwarf to be had in shiny disc format - and as it's been a while since we rounded up the state of play for various international releases, here's an overview of what's out there worldwide and where and how you can get your hands on it...


Gift-Givers Guide

As of this year, you can now get the entirety of Red Dwarf in HD on Blu-ray, in addition to the traditional DVD sets. The headline item is of course the Complete Series I-VIII boxset, which in addition to containing uprezzed versions of the BBC-era series, features all the bonus discs that came out with the original Series I-VIII DVD sets - and the bulk of the content from the rare Bodysnatcher Collection! You can get it for £30.60 at the moment, a substantial saving on its original RRP.

As for the more recent series, you can still get your hands on Series XII for £12.28, Series XI for £10.29, Series X for £9.60 and Back to Earth: The Director's Cut for just £8.89.


If you're still not living in a HD disc world, then there's still plenty of opportunity to fill the gaps in your Red Dwarf collection. Get the entirety of the BBC era in the classic Just the Shows set for just £19.99 - that's less than 40p per episode, although you will have to go to the individual full series releases if you want that amazing archive of extras.

There are great prices to be found on DVDs of the more recent series, too: Series XII is £8.19, Series XI is £7.99, Back to Earth is £6.99, and Series X is the cheapest at £6.89.

And finally, if you're feeling nostalgic for that time a quarter of a century ago when a Smeg Ups compilation would make its way into your Christmas stocking, you can get the Just the Smegs DVD set - featuring both Ups and Outs - for just £5.99.


Gift-Givers Guide

We're still waiting on news of a possible Stateside release for the Series I-VIII Blu-ray set - but in the meantime, something the US has that the UK doesn't is a lovely collected boxset of the original I-VIII DVD releases. It's just $49.99 to get your hands on Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection.

The Dave era shows, meanwhile, are available both on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as "Multi-Format" releases that contain both media types. Prices range between $17 and $22 for Series XII, XI, X and Back to Earth.


The Region 1/A sets are also available to fans north of the border - so just in case your dollars are slightly more colourful than in the USA, here are links for all of Series XII, Series XI, Series X and Back to Earth, as well as the Complete Collection.


Gift-Givers Guide

Earlier this year, Japan became the first territory to get its own version of the Series I-VIII Blu-ray set - and what a set it was, giving Japanese fans the full-length versions of the episodes on home release for the first time ever, and with exclusive artwork not found elsewhere. So even if you're in the UK you might want to pop over to where you can grab the set for ¥25,755 - that's about £180 before shipping.

Japanese viewers can also still get their original edited versions in a collected DVD boxset, as well as Blu-ray and DVD sets of Series XII and XI. Series X and Back to Earth, meanwhile, are in a single collected edition.


It's taken longer than anticipated, but Australia is finally getting up to date with its DVD releases, with Series XII coming out next Wednesday 11th December. This adds to all of Series XI, X, and Back to Earth being available alongside the original Series I-VIII DVD sets - which are out of print, but can still be found here and there.

What's more, as the only other region to have received a release of The Bodysnatcher Collection - and one where the remaining stock wasn't destroyed in a warehouse fire - it's also the last place you can get the set new at a reasonable price. This at least makes up in part for being yet to receive the I-VIII Blu-ray set, right?


Červený trpaslík, as it's known in Czech, has its first eight series available as DVD sets in the Czech Republic. We don't have a record of later series being released since then, but we'll let you know as and when we see them occur!


France is another territory that received editions of the original Series I-VIII DVDs - which have also been collected into a complete boxset. Since then they've also had Back to Earth - the only release we're aware of that controversially puts a "IX" on the cover, alongside the delightfully-translated subtitle of Retour sur Terre.


Gift-Givers Guide

Wherever in the world you happen to be, if you have access to the iTunes Store there's a decent chance you'll find Red Dwarf on it. And if it is on it, did you know that you don't just have to buy it for yourself, but you can actually gift episodes to other people's accounts, too? So if you've got a particularly digitally-minded person to buy for and they don't mind having an electronic stocking filled... well, there's basically every bit of Red Dwarf on there for you to send them at some extremely reasonable prices.

Browse all the Red Dwarf home releases in our Merchandise section!

All prices correct at the time of writing. Grant Naylor Productions is not affiliated with the stores linked to in this article and no commission is paid on purchases via these links.

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