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17 January, 2020

It's been a crazy couple of months at Red Dwarf HQ, as filming took place for the upcoming 90-minute special, airing on Dave later in the year. Naturally, this means that online chatter about the show has been largely focused around this production - so let's take a look at all the various odds and sods you may have missed.

First of all, we had some lovely tantalising behind-the-scenes peeks from cast and crew, whether in the production office or out on the studio floor:

Then it came time for those two special nights in December and January - live Red Dwarf shooting in front of a very lucky audience at Pinewood:

We're not going to round up every reaction to the filming that we saw, but here are just a selection of those that crossed our path:

The show's dress run also welcomed members of Resource Productions, an organisation that supports and develops under-represented talent in TV and film:

And thank you and well done, once again, to Red Dwarf's fanbase for resolutely sticking to the "no spoilers" request - this is the fourth production that's gone before an audience in the era of Twitter and Facebook, and to have had basically no advance leaks from the fans in all that time is remarkable.

All good things, however, must come to an end - and as the specials go into post-production, the work of some of the team is over. This one made us feel a bit emotional:

Looking forwards, however, 2020 will not only bring new Red Dwarf, but also the next Dimension Jump convention! The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club have announced the latest two guests - one who'll be very familiar to longtime DJ attendees, and one Series XII guest making his first ever convention appearance:

Once again we've seen some fantastic fan creations in recent weeks, starting with another Lego project from Bob's Vintage Bricks. The last time Bob submitted a project to Lego Ideas it got the required 10,000 signatures, but didn't manage to make it further - will this fantastic-looking Starbug stand a better chance?

And in this "how is this not a commercially produced thing" file, there's this remarkably good Kryten bust from John McFadden:

Okay, Christmas is done and gone, but this is a lovely card sent by the Czech Red Dwarf fan group to one of their UK Fan Club counterparts:

Some very characterful Cat artwork by Anna Ostrowski:

And yes, it's her again, the brilliant Rachael Stott just can't stop drawing Lister and Rimmer:

We rounded up a selection of Red Dwarf tattoos a little while back, but we always enjoy seeing new ones:

If you think you know the names of everyone who's appeared in Red Dwarf, how are you with Series I background performers? A blast from the past here as actor Nigel Peever spotted himself and Linda Lee Lewis in a feature about the early teaching room set:

Petersen himself, Mark Williams (apparently he's appeared in some other little-known things, too) appeared on Steve Wright's Radio 2 show this week:

And you might have spotted our own Howard Rimmer, Mark Dexter, making his second appearance in Doctor Who the other week. Mark played real-life historical figure Charles Babbage in part two of Spyfall, which you can still catch on the iPlayer if you haven't yet seen it:

Speaking of Doctor Who, several people pointed out the similarity between the evolved monsters in the most recent episode, Orphan 55, and something familiar from Red Dwarf:

We mentioned in our last roundup that Starbug was going to be making an AA-backed appearance in the Lord Mayor's Show in London, and Andy Holland snapped a pic:

It's always nice to see Red Dwarf pop up on gameshows, and while this one wasn't a specific Dwarf reference, we're sure anyone who's seen Give & Take will have been able to answer it:

This, though, very much was a specific Red Dwarf reference:

As was this gentleman that Danny John-Jules spotted at the darts:

And finally... well, we can't say we didn't warn you about this future, although we're surprised it's coming true this soon. All we can say is, you'd better have your fourteen-pound lump hammers ready...

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