Quanderhorn Returns

Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall's radio hit back for a second series.

24 April, 2020

You can't keep a good professor down - and you can't keep an utterly demented one down either. And so it is that after his first go round in Radio 4's The Quanderhorn Xperimentations in 2018, Professor Quanderhorn is back for his second series - simply titled Quanderhorn 2 - which debuts next Wednesday 29th April.

Quanderhorn Returns

The Professor - and his task force of amnesiac test pilot Brian Nylon, Martian fugitive Guuuurk, half-insectoid hunk Troy Quanderhorn, clockwork-brained scientist Gemini Janussen and long-suffering factotum "Jenkins" Jenkins - was created by writers Rob Grant (of this parish) and Andrew Marshall, who return to script another thrilling six-episode series of almost certainly bewildering adventures. Here's the synopsis:

65 years ago, Professor Quanderhorn created a Time Loop, causing 1952 to repeat indefinitely. His nemesis, Prime Minister Churchill, sent a bomber fleet to obliterate Quanderhorn's lab - and unbeknownst to him, the 5 dimensional tanks that stored the surplus time.

Astonishingly, the second series begins just as the bombs are about to detonate, and after six episodes of a breath-taking brouhaha of time-hopping and mind-bending shenanigans, finally ends with their explosion.

The team are scattered through time, and have to navigate their way back together to save Reality.

On the way, they'll face the Witchfinder General, execution in Roman Britain for crimes against interior decoration, and a terrifying double attack from a Squirrilla and a Gorrirrel. And let's not mention the savage beak of the murderous Penguinelope.

They'll encounter the Martian horde on the invasion mothership "Tally Ho!", drink Maggotini cocktails, and be the fleeing prey of a pack of Martian Polar Warthogs.

Brian loses his memory another three or four times, Troy grows a nice new set of arms, Jenkins is shrunk to the size of a fountain pen, and Guuuurk finally achieves all he desires - at a terrible cost.

Meanwhile, a new member is added to the team with a devastating dance technique.

And Gemma's dark secret is finally brought into the open.


The new series again reunites the all-star cast of James Fleet (Quanderhorn), Ryan Sampson (Brian), Cassie Layton (Gemini), Freddie Fox (Troy), Kevin Eldon (Guuuurk) and John Sessions (Jenkins/Churchill), with Rachel Atkins joining the crew as Delores. It airs on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm, starting on 27th April - and will be available on BBC Sounds and the BBC website afterwards.

And if you haven't yet caught up with the first instalment of the Quanderhorn saga, you can find that on BBC Sounds. Plus, there's the somewhat but not completely different novel version, which has a conveniently-timed paperback due on 14th May. It's almost as if the Professor planned it himself.

Find out more and listen at the BBC website!

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