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Plays, Podcasts, Awards and More

22 October, 2021

Rounding up all the Red Dwarf news from the last few weeks.

The Nether Regions

15 October, 2021

Priority audience tickets for readers.

Gotta Dance!

8 October, 2021 (Updated 13 October, 2021)

Rob Grant and Paul Jackson's Lockdown Theatre makes a long-awaited return. Updated.

More Funk and More Soul

1 October, 2021

Craig Charles' new album and upcoming live dates.

The ParaPod Movie

24 September, 2021

We caught up with Red Dwarf's warmup man, Ian Boldsworth, to discuss his feature directing debut.

Stephen Critchlow

20 September, 2021

Captain Herring actor Stephen Critchlow passes away.

Dimension Jump XXI

17 September, 2021

Read our full report from last weekend's Red Dwarf convention

My Time Capsule

10 September, 2021

New podcast featuring Robert Llewellyn.

Guests Galore

3 September, 2021

Rob Grant, Paul Jackson, Ian Boldsworth and Lee Cornes join the lineup for Dimension Jump XXI.

Merchandise, Music and More

27 August, 2021

All the latest news from the Red Dwarf posse.

Danny Joins DJ

20 August, 2021

Dimension Jump XXI guests, updates and guidance.

Kryten Gallery

13 August, 2021

Stunning hardware photos to send you straight to Silicon Heaven.

Dimension Jump Quiz

6 August, 2021

How well do you know the Series IV classic?

Funk Funk Funk in the Sun Sun Sun

30 July, 2021

More Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles than you can possibly handle.

Blogs, Books and Ghouls

23 July, 2021

The latest news from the cast and crew of Red Dwarf.

Web Dwarf XI

16 July, 2021

Artworks, blogs, tattoos and more. Our latest look at fan creativity.


9 July, 2021

Craig Charles' brand-new gameshow comes to Channel 4 later this year.


2 July, 2021

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor's vintage radio comedy is now on BBC Sounds.

Dwarf on Demand

25 June, 2021

Everywhere you can find Red Dwarf to stream and download.

Norman Stands Up

18 June, 2021

Norman Lovett joins a team of comedy's finest in support of CALM.