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Blogs, Books and Ghouls

23 July, 2021

The latest news from the cast and crew of Red Dwarf.

Web Dwarf XI

16 July, 2021

Artworks, blogs, tattoos and more. Our latest look at fan creativity.


9 July, 2021

Craig Charles' brand-new gameshow comes to Channel 4 later this year.


2 July, 2021

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor's vintage radio comedy is now on BBC Sounds.

Dwarf on Demand

25 June, 2021

Everywhere you can find Red Dwarf to stream and download.

Norman Stands Up

18 June, 2021

Norman Lovett joins a team of comedy's finest in support of CALM.

The Quanderhorn Collexion

18 June, 2021

Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall's complete sci-fi comedy, now with Xclusive Xtras.

The Cat Gallery

11 June, 2021

The universe's coolest feline gets his own picture gallery.

News Bites

4 June, 2021

Auctions, appearances, and more. All the latest news from the world of Red Dwarf.

Funk and Soul Live

28 May, 2021

The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show set to return to live music venues.

Gunmen of the Apocalypse Quiz

21 May, 2021

Test your knowledge of the Series VI fan favourite.

Craig Meets The Richardsons

14 May, 2021

Craig Charles pays a visit to Lucy Beaumont and Jon Richardson.

A Memorial For Seb Patrick

12 May, 2021

Please sign the petition to honour the memory of's long-standing web editor.

People We Met

7 May, 2021

All the goss from Red Dwarf's wider world.

Rimmer Gallery

30 April, 2021

His flared-nostrilness gets his own dedicated gallery.

Quizzing Craig

23 April, 2021

Does Craig Charles have Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family?

Cast And Crew Catch Up

16 April, 2021

All the latest news from the Boys from the Dwarf.

Web Dwarf X

9 April, 2021

Another tour through Red Dwarf's online universe.

The BrittasBox Empire

2 April, 2021

The Brittas Empire arrives on BritBox in the USA.

Spring Cleaning

26 March, 2021

Bringing up to date with all the latest happenings.