Quarantine Commentaries

In these trying times of lockdown, quarantine and hopefully not too many sprout-based meals, Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye are bringing some fun to your sofas and putting a smile on your faces by offering their unique live commentary on Red Dwarf, episode by episode!

Each week, the trio - alongside a range of special guests that have so far included Chris Barrie, Lee Cornes and Tony Hawks - line up over the Zoom conferencing service to a select audience of fans worldwide - an audience you can be a part of, if you read on. Everyone syncs up the episode and watches it together, with the gang reminiscing and answering questions both during the show and in a Q&A session afterwards. And there may or may not be Double Rimmer salutes involved.

This week (Sunday 5th July): We're completing our look at Series II with the final episode, Parallel Universe - and some very special guests!

And you haven't seen any of the shows so far, then they're collected right here for your playbacking pleasure in this handy YouTube playlist:

Note that if you've signed up for a previous week's commentary, you'll automatically be entered into the draw for a place each week!

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WARNING: Though we can't absolutely promise it, there may be some cussing. So if the language of the guttersnipe offends you, you probably shouldn't apply.