Quarantine Commentaries

In these trying times of lockdown, quarantine and hopefully not too many sprout-based meals, Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye are bringing some fun to your sofas and putting a smile on your faces by offering their unique live commentary on Red Dwarf, episode by episode!

Each week, the trio - alongside a range of special guests that have so far included Chris Barrie, Lee Cornes and Tony Hawks - line up over the Zoom conferencing service to a select audience of fans worldwide - an audience you can be a part of, if you read on. Everyone syncs up the episode and watches it together, with the gang reminiscing and answering questions both during the show and in a Q&A session afterwards. And there may or may not be Double Rimmer salutes involved.

The Quarantine Commentaries are currently on hiatus, but you can catch up with all episodes on our YouTube page.

And you haven't seen any of the shows so far, then they're collected right here for your playbacking pleasure in this handy YouTube playlist:

Note that if you've signed up for a previous week's commentary, you'll automatically be entered into the draw for a place each week!

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WARNING: Though we can't absolutely promise it, there may be some cussing. So if the language of the guttersnipe offends you, you probably shouldn't apply.