First Past The Posters

Design competition winners announced!

15 December, 2017

We know the Red Dwarf fanbase is one of the most creative out there - but it's always nice when you get the chance to prove it. And when it comes to PosterSpy's exclusive Series XII Poster Competition... boy did you all prove it.

Over one hundred entries were submitted to the site - which celebrates original and independent poster design with frequent "design brief" competitions - meaning that special guest judge and Red Dwarf supremo Doug Naylor had an incredibly tough job picking out the winner and runners up. To give you an idea, here's just a selection of some of the entries that didn't make the top three:

First Past The Posters

So who nabbed the top three spots, then? Well, in third place was user Casso77, who submitted this fantastic travel poster-inspired effort, taking home a £350 prize:

In second place, Alex McArdell turned out this truly stunning 3D effort, which was an early favourite on social media and also earned him £350:

But the winner was this truly beautiful image - elegant in its simplicity yet effectively conveying the spirit of the show. Stand up Adam Cockerton, winner of the £1,000 grand prize:

And here's what Doug had to say about the winning entries:

I found it close to impossible to decide between the entries. The standard was so high. In fact, there was one entry that didn't make it that I wanted included but wasn't allowed to, as it was against the rules to have three runners up. Oh, mystery-deserved-to-be- a runner-up, I'm so sorry - I fought so hard to get you in there but lost.

As for the runners up that did get in there. Many congrats. You were all so damn good, and so original with different flavours and ideas, I was so proud of you.

The Winner - wow. Smegging awesome. It could be a movie poster, encapsulating Lister's loneliness and the number twelve made out of stars. I want the poster!!

Thanks to everyone who took part. We really must do this again some time. Thankski veryski muchski, budskis.

- Doug

Well done to everyone who submitted artwork to the competition - and congratulations to the winners!

Check out all the entries over at PosterSpy!

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