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Červený trpaslík XI and XII make their debut!

23 November, 2018

We've reported in the past on the remarkable popularity that Red Dwarf enjoys in the Czech Republic, one of the few countries to get not only its own translated versions of the DVDs (both dubbed and subtitled), but special editions of the novels (with some... occasionally risqué covers) to boot.

Czech In

So we're delighted that our Czech fans are finally going to get to experience the eleventh and twelfth series of the show, which will begin airing in double bills on CT2 (Česká televize) on Friday nights from tonight (23rd November) at 9pm local time.

The Czech versions of Red Dwarf are particularly interesting due to the translations of the cultural references that are required in order to ensure that jokes land in the same way - for more on this, check out our article directly comparing some of the joke translations in past series!

So if you happen to be in the country - and if you are, then dobrý den to you - then look out for Zlatý dvacátý, Samsára, Dávat a brát, Důstojník Rimmer, Kryze and Džin z lahve coming soon to a TV near you; and we're told that Series XII will be following in short order.

See full listings and a Czech episode guide at the CT2 website!

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