A Private Smash

Rob, Paul and Ed's Lockdown Theatre production raises over £44,000 for the RTF.

18 September, 2020

We want to say a huge thank you to all the Red Dwarf fans that attended Lockdown Theatre's production of Private Lives last Sunday. The event, starring Robert Lindsay, Emma Thompson, Emilia Clarke and Sanjeev Bhaskar was an unmitigated success, even breaking the record set for ticket sales by our previous production, A Bit of Waiting for Godot, and we are happy to announce that the performance raised over £44,000 for the Royal Theatrical Fund.

A Private Smash

This was a truly special evening for everyone involved, and every penny raised will go to the theatre and entertainment professionals the charity supports during these difficult times, both on stage and off.

Speaking with reddwarf.co.uk, Rob Grant, who co-produced the show, said:

Look - we started Lockdown Theatre basically to entertain the troops at the start of quarantine. We were astonished at the talented names who volunteered to do it. From there, we hooked up with the Royal Theatrical Fund, and it just kept growing, to the point where it's generating tens of thousands of pounds from deprived theatre-lovers all over the globe for a wonderful cause, and getting terrific reviews in national broadsheets. I think we've stumbled on something new - it's not quite theatre, or radio or TV, but it's live and intimate and interactive, and it's certainly entertaining. I'm pretty sure the cast enjoy it as much as the audiences do. The fact that it's a unique, live, one-off event makes it even more special. When the theatres finally reopen properly for business - before too bloody long we hope! - I honestly think there'll still be a place for it.

Paul Jackson, who co-produced with Rob, also added:

When we started the Red Dwarf Quarantine Commentaries, we certainly did not imagine eventually hosting Emma, Emilia, Robert and Sanjeev from their homes, reading Noël Coward and chatting intimately about how and why they approached performing the play. Sometimes you get lucky, I guess. And this was a very lucky moment for sure.

And they're both right. This was a truly unique and intimate performance, the like of which you cannot get anywhere else, and the sentiment was expressed by both the cast and the audience. Here's some of our favourite comments from Twitter:

A massive thank you to our stellar cast, our hugely talented director, Jonathan Church, the teams at Lockdown Theatre and The Royal Theatrical fund, as well as our wonderful audience.

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